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The MRI cabinet

  Magnetic resonance imaging is a modern highly informative method of medical diagnosis, the distinctive feature of which is the absence of radiation during the examination. The method provides reliable information about the condition of internal organs and reveal pathological changes (inflammatory, tumor, traumatic and others). And also see results of the treatment. It is widely used for diagnosis of diseases of the central nervous system, hepatopancreatoduodenal zone and also of the pelvic organs and joints. By MRI method, lung disease is not diagnosed (due to the technical capabilities of the method).

  During the MRI study, the patient must lie still!

  Counterindications: The presence of metal fragments in the body (cardiac pacemaker, metal objects after operations, injuries) Claustrophobia High weight (more than 120 kg)

  The patient should has a referral and all medical documents about the disease, including the recommendation for MRI.

  MRI examinations:

  • MRI of the brain
  • MRI of cerebral vessels
  • MRI of the neck (soft tissues and spine)
  • MRI of the thoracic spine
  • MRI of the lumbosacral spine
  • MRI of joints
  • MRI of the abdominal cavity of the small pelvis (only with of the Center's consultant referral)
  • MRI of the small pelvis (only with of the Center's consultant referral)
  • Special techniques with the use of contrast enhancement (only with of the Center's consultant referral)
  • MR angiography