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As for 01.01.2018 in Minsk Clinical Consulting and Diagnostic Centre are working 469 employees: 150 – doctors, 190 – medical workers with secondary-level education.

In the Centre we are working with Automated information-analytical system "Clinic". "Registrar", "Record on reception through the Internet", "Planning", "Statistics", "Registry of paid services", "Diagnostics" are also implemented.

The Centre has a local network with more than 200 devices, 232 printers, 287 personal computers, network equipment’s, disk storages and server equipment.

Is functioning the "Call center". To help people to make an appointment by phone call.

2017 -  971 915 people apply to the Centre.

131 702 - visits to doctors, 147 095 - medical manipulations.

16650 – paid visits.

31 652 - surgical operations. In comparison with 2016 by 12.2% increase.

To increase the availability of colonoscopy (and also colonoscopy with anesthesia) in 2017 was opened a second room for budget colonoscopy (free of charge). Is working a room for colonoscopy in Extrabudgetary Department (paid medical services). Was employed 2nd anesthesiologist and nurse-anesthetist to perform an anesthesia. They also work on Saturdays.

Year 2017 - 120 transrectal examinations of the prostate gland, 122 prosthetic punctures.
Was started puncture of the thyroid gland, breast under the supervision of ultrasound control.

Was opened an operating room on the base of Day patient Department.

Thanks to suggestions that was made during the anonymous questionnaire, a wide range of activities have been undertaken at the Center to improve accessibility, increase the comfort and the convenience for patients.

It is planned in 2018:

  • further development of a in-patients replacement technology: expansion of the list of small surgical interventions (urologist, proctologist, gynecologist, vascular surgeon) and following opening short-stay beds with a 24-hour nursing post in Day patient Department;
  • further cooperation with: state and private insurance companies in providing medical services to the insured person, health care institutions and non-state enterprises in providing certain types of diagnostic and other services;
  • export of services development; participation in exhibitions of medical tourism; search for foreign partners interested in promoting the services of the Centre;
  • training and education of foreign specialists on the base of the Centre;
  • participation in international conferences on topical health issues.